9 of the Sweetest TV and Movie Proposals ...

There is something incredibly enchanting and charming about watching TV and movie proposals. Seeing how the characters that you've become so emotionally invested in come up with intricate plans in order to pop the question is awe-inducing. The best engagements occur when the writers perfectly encapsulate the moment through either a series of mistrials or in a way that leaves the audience completely blind-sided. These top TV and movie proposals are sure to call out to the hopeless romantic hidden inside of you!

1. Jim and Pam โ€“ โ€œthe Officeโ€

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As a longtime fan of โ€œThe Officeโ€, this is one of my favorite TV and movie proposals of all time. Watching Jim and Pam's relationship develop throughout the years didn't prepare me for the moment when Jim finally gets over his nerves and proposes โ€“ for real, this time! I couldn't help but laugh (and scream) at my screen the first time Jim seemed as if he was getting ready to pop the question, only to tell Pam that he just needed to tie his shoelaces!

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