7 of the Worst Movies of 2013 That Will Make You Cringe ...

It is fun to reflect on the worst movies of 2013. While this was the year that gave us The Butler, The Great Gatsby, and The Wolf of Wall Street, it also produced some movies we wish would go away. The worst movies of 2013 have featured cheesy storylines, amazing stars, and irritating clichés. You never know, some of you out there may even find that they are so bad, they’re good!

1. The Last Exorcism Part II

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Haven’t exorcisms been done to hell and back (pun intended) since the 1970s? The world is DEFINTELY over spinning heads and green slime right now. As one of the worst movies of 2013, it plays on an old cliché we’re sort of tiring of. Let’s leave exorcisms behind, and focus on more intelligent horror stories!

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