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There are so many scary true American horror stories! With the 7th season of American Horror Story back in all its grisly glory, AHS addicts are scribbling FX fetes on their calendars and breaking out their β€œAll Monsters Are Human” t-shirts. Little do Lady Gaga groupies and Jessica Lange lovers know, many of the characters in the anthology series are inspired by real-life killers. Here are 7 terrifyingly true American horror stories, in honor of the show’s 7th season.

1. Season 4: John Wayne Gacy

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Killer Clown Twisty is cast as a serial killing clown. This murderous mime is modeled after a slayer with a sick sense of humor, John Wayne Gacy. Canonized as the β€œKiller Clown,” Gacy raped and murdered thirty-three teenage boys while wearing a clown costume. This is definitely one of the scariest true American horror stories!

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