7 Reasons Why Rosamund Pike Should Win Best Actress Oscar 2015 ...

By Cris

It’s Oscars season again and the list of Best Actress nominees include “my” new discovery of the big screen world: Rosamund Pike. If you are one of the poor, unfortunate souls who have not yet seen “Gone Girl” for which the aforementioned Ms. Pike has been nominated as Best Actress, here are seven reasons why the Academy should so honor her.

1 She is Awesome

As the ultimate woman scorned, Amy Dunne is one lady you don't want to meet in a dark alley. Once she glances at her adulterous husband with his new lover, events are set into motion until reaching a conclusion that is simply amazing. Rosamund Pike effortlessly slipped into the shoes of Amy Dunne and gave a great performance! I couldn't stop gushing about her for hours after my husband and I left the cinema.

2 She is Scary

Everything about Rosamund Pike’s Amy Dunne is cold and calculating. She plans her revenge like a surgeon does brain surgery. It's best to just get out of her way as she is an engine of destruction. She was very convincing; you would shiver when you look at that pretty face. With her, the idiom “there is more than meets the eye” could not be truer.

3 She is Passionate

One scene in particular will have your skin crawling when Ms. Pike covers herself in blood and starts to scream. It is a primordial yell from her deepest reaches and the level of passion this actress brings is startling. I honestly just knew her when I watched Gone Girl, which prompted me to ask my husband: "Has Rosamund Pike been around for some time? I’d like to see her genius in more movies."

4 She is Beautiful

Rosamund Pike is simply beautiful. I love her eyes: they tell a lot of stories. Her smile is magnetic, hypnotic. The same smile lights up the silver screen and she is every bit as captivating as Audrey Hepburn. Even when she goes “over the rainbow” crazy she is lovely. Even the different hairstyles work well with her. I think I now have a girl crush.

5 She Has Paid Her Dues

Did you know of the 30+ film appearances, Ms. Pike has even been a “Bond Girl” in 2002’s “Die Another Day”? Thirteen years in Hollywood is a lifetime and Ms. Pike has worked with the best “A” list actors in the business. Now she is at the top of her profession. Gone Girl showed her talents. This film catapulted her to the A-list. More offers should come after that stellar performance. It is, after all, her time to shine.

6 She is Very Busy

With three new movies in the production stage over the next two years, Rosamund Pike is fast becoming one of the most sought-after actresses in the business. Just to be nominated for Best Actress should have her agent fielding calls for her every hour. With great talent comes more projects.

7 She is Smart

A good actress is a smart actress. It takes a lot of brain and hard work to internalize the character and live the life of another person. Rosamund Pike is intelligent, smart, brilliant. As Amy Dunne, Rosamund Pike is one very smart lady who doesn't leave much to chance. It’s great to see such intelligent roles going to women of her grace and style. You go girl!

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