8 Terrific Robin Williams Movies ...


When you think of favorite actors and their films, Robin Williams movies probably aren’t the first few that come to mind. I have, however, a weird taste in men, and I happen to think he is a very funny guy. Who doesn’t love to laugh, and Robin Williams movies certainly make me do that. He’s also made some serious movies, and I love those too, but he is best when he’s allowed to be zany. Here are 8 Terrific Robin Williams Movies:

1. The World According to Garp


To me this is movie heaven - one of my favorite actors in a movie based on a book written by one of my favorite authors. This is an epic that features love, sex, extra-marital sex, mutes, moral crusades, wrestling, crazy dogs, John Lithgow as a football playing transvestite, Glenn Close as Garp’s mum and Williams as Garp. It’s both funny and poignant, and unlike so many other adaptations, lives up to book. My absolute winner among the Robin Williams movies – I hope you love it too.

The Fisher King
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