2. How Did You Hear about the Heroine?

Mila attracted a lot of attention when she had started to post the story of her life on the Internet. Many people were shocked to know the backstage of the world of High Fashion and of how people take down competitors in the world of retail because from the outside it seems that living and working in luxury industry as the source of easy money, is the eternal holiday with fireworks and sparkles.

So when you know that fashion is a very hard kind of business you really start to wonder how could Mila keep herself an open-minded kind of person who not only survived all the nightmares she had to deal with but shares everything she has with those who need it. A huge part of the story is our times, when Mila personally takes care of over 170 children in Guinea-Bissau - and this part mesmerizes me: it takes a lot of time and energy for me to raise my daughter and I can’t even imagine how much love should a woman have to raise hundreds of orphans who see a mother in her. So I myself decided that I can help Mila in her efforts at least by making this film, raising poverty awareness and attracting extra attention to her charity efforts. I know that there’re a lot of generous and kind people in the world who could definitely help Mila if they knew what deeds she is making on a daily basis.