4. How Are You Hoping the Film Will Inspire This Generation of Young Women?

I’ve read an amazing news on the Internet about a research that proved that if a girl in your childhood or teenage years knows about at least one female success story she achieves more in life - because she knows that whatever she dreams of is possible, and it gives her the power for all the trials and errors on the path to her goal.

This story is so unique I can hardly breathe as a producer and a director thinking of it: knowing it one could think it is some thriller screenplay written in Hollywood for Charlize Theron or Emily Blunt type of actress to play. So, when you realize it’s all true events and that Mila did manage to overcome every obstacle on her way to where she is now - you just can’t be NOT inspired by this.

Girls get a lot of disappointment in life: we try to find friends who won’t betray us, friends who would be with us not because of how we look or what we achieve but because of who we are deep inside, we do see discrimination and - sometimes - sexism, and so on, and so forth. And now and then each of us feels there’s simply no way to solve a problem this time, and we want to give up and live a simpler life, forget about some 'impossible goals' of ours… Well, Mila’s story proves you should not!

She had seen poverty - and got out of it. She had the KGB on her tail - and managed to deal with it. She had that harsh male competition - and won. She had a stage III cancer - and still fought. She had been betrayed by so many people she thought to be her true friends - but still she stayed a kind and loving woman. She had been separated from her husband and son - but her efforts led to re-uniting with them. And so on, and so forth - you really can use her story of life as the endless source of power whenever you want to give up! Her story inspires, and I want to share it.

I am sure there are a lot of people and companies who would be happy to support my efforts - that’s why I started IndieGoGo campaign at igg.me/at/FilmAboutMila - so that we all could inspire women together.