Top 8 Crazy Christmas Comedies to See ...


Christmas Comedies are great this time of year – obviously! There are a ton of Christmas comedies out there, but the key is finding the good ones among the cheesy, hokey stinkers – and, unfortunately, there are a lot of those as well. No worries, though. If you're looking for Christmas movies that will make you laugh but still have a good story, I have definitely got you covered. Just check out this list of the top crazy Christmas comedies and start planning your next movie night!

1. A Christmas Story

This is one of the funniest Christmas comedies ever. When they show it on 24 hour rotation during Christmas Eve, I generally watch it at least 8 times. I never get tired of it. Ralphie is the greatest character ever. None of my relatives ever made me a bunny suit, but besides that, almost everyone can relate to this movie. You maybe didn't want a Red Ryder BB gun, but I bet there was something you craved that you tried with all your might to get.

2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation No list of Christmas themed comedies would be complete w